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personal documentaries.

in 1993 my uncle sat his parents down in their family home library with a handheld camcorder and asked them questions about their life and legacy. that footage has become the single most important trace of their being. there’s something that happens to my senses when I watch it - hearing their voices and seeing the library evokes memory and smell and takes me back in time in the most unique way. I’d describe it as a sense of peace, grief and happiness. this is where the start of H E I R L O O M began.

H E I R L O O M is a body of documentary work where we capture and document the very essence of being. it’s our belief that heirlooms don’t have to be just objects - they’re stories, people, places and history. this work is a collaborative process where we integrate into your life to capture, document, archive and listen. the films we are creating become heirlooms for families to hold onto memory in the most meaningful way. to capture the energy of someone’s life - at any stage of life - so it may echo throughout time.  through your own account, these are the stories we want to tell.

your voice. your life. your heirloom.

this is the story of bud. bud was our first heirloom story and he instilled in us a perfect message of passion.

life is short. 

do what feels good.

nature is good for the soul. 

work hard but don't forget to play. 

never stay at a job you don't really enjoy. 

thank you so much, bud. you are a special kind of person.