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Our process starts with a cup of coffee. We want to get to know you and understand who you are - where you’re at in your life, things that have influenced you, where you’ve been, where you hope to go - this is where we hear your story. From there we will send you an outline of the topics and overall scope of the film we will build together, along with a quote and itinerary for our time spent together. 




A significant part of our process will be conversational interview. There will be moments where we sit down more directly and others where we are more casual and mobile. There will also be instances where we compose you in certain frames to ensure a special moment is properly captured. Although we always have an itinerary, we encourage our subjects to bare in mind that our set will flow organically through the conversations we share. There is no one script to creating an Heirloom piece. Certain stories require multiple visits, filming locations and interviews. The filming of your Heirloom piece will be designed specifically to support your story. 




Your Heirloom film will be created with you and only you in mind. Every element, sound bite, and visual component will be chosen to reflect your life. We believe that the interview portion is the most important element.  This is where we dive deep into the histories and experiences of your life. During the edit process, we pluck out important moments and create a concise, beautifully curated film of your story. We also provide the raw interview footage for your family to cherish. 

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