S I S T E R W O L F  is a woman owned and operated video production company that serves both businesses and individuals seeking creative, cinematic content ranging from brand identity to personal documentaries. We believe that the way you capture your life matters. We are passionate about connection, identity, and self-expression. Our hope is for our clients to feel seen and understood.


paula wolf - owner + creative director

s i s t e r w o l f  was created because I saw a need for video content that was both meaningful and attainable. Our process allows you to pause, reflect and get clear about your mission. My goal from the start has always been to support and foster the voice of my clients and a great deal of our process is getting to know you and familiarizing our self with your intention. Video production can be an intimating experience and knowing that the person behind the camera has your best interest at hand is essential. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the community and experiences we've been so fortunate to document.