P          A          U          L          A          W          O          L          F


"art is a line around your thoughts." -gustav klimt


s i s t e r w o l f  sprouted from my combined enthusiasm for photography and desire to connect with others. i received my bfa in photography at the university of new mexico, and have continued to nurture and preserve my love for visual art through my own curiosities, life experiences and the compelling people I have met along the way.

as creative as my role behind the camera can be, it is the collaborative aspect of  s i s t e r w o l f  that makes each video uniquely individual, creating a visual platform for businesses to speak to their particular audience.

identifying closely with our name -  s i s t e r w o l f  has a pack mentality. as a sister to many, i find great peace of mind and value in the act of being understood. it is our pack objective that the companies we work with feel that their message is implicit and the intention of their work made clear. 


we provide the line around your thoughts.